Through Red Ribbon Clubs, the targeted Youth are encouraged to learn about safe and healthy lifestyle. The Red Ribbon Clubs promote and channelize, access to information on HIV/AIDS, further educating them about Voluntary Blood Donation and safe sexual behaviors. Red Ribbon Clubs also aim to enable the targeted Youth to become more conscious and conscience about HIV/AIDS and related issues to further act as change agents, in HIV/AIDS programme.

Red Ribbon Club Programme

Role Of The University/ Institution/College Authorities

While the Institution may be persuaded to support RRC activities financially and introduce RRC and its events into the permanent entities and event calendar of the institution, the major roles of the University/College/Institution will include:

  • Active participation in the advisory committee at the respective level.
  • Facilitating infrastructure and other necessary support for the implementation of programme/events of RRC.
  • Designate the Faculty teacher cum NSS Coordinator as Programme Officer for RRC.
  • Mainstreaming of HIV & AIDS programme by including it in the University curriculum & programme.
  • Advocacy at the highest level to support the programme on self sustainable basis.
  • Encouraging the contribution of RRC members by highlighting it in college newsletter or other publications.